Helping you go further. Globally and financially.

Bright Ideas Supply Chain Solutions is led by multicultural, seasoned entrepreneurs, problem solvers, and creative thinkers. Business people who have created companies and experienced the good and bad. We are here so you won’t have to make those mistakes. Our service allows you to focus on your products, grow your business, save money in the process, and expand your success into new parts of the world.

We handle all your sourcing, product development, quality control and logistics without risk and with full transparency. Giving you access to the true costs of manufacturing and materials to optimize your supply chain.

Alex Kozij

Partner and CEO

With over a decade of international business experience as a managing partner of a Global Freight Forwarder, Alex has a deep understanding of world trade and has built multi-million dollar companies from the ground up. His diverse work experience has placed him in leadership positions in Singapore, Shanghai, Los Angeles, and San Diego. He is an expert in global freight forwarding, international strategic partnerships, and China product development and sourcing.

Kevin Choo

Partner and COO

Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, with ten years of business development and international and domestic freight operations management, Kevin’s experience spans across Australia, UAE, and North America. He previously filled the position of Operations Director for a Global Freight Forwarder and management roles in the actions sport industry.

Alex Kamergorodsky

Partner and Chairman

Fluent in Russian and with a consulting background through Qualcomm and KPMG US, Alex transitioned to green-tech entrepreneurship in 2012. His expertise lies in global sourcing and strategic partnerships.

Morgan Smith

Partner and CTO

Having co-founded a number of businesses, Morgan is a veteran entrepreneur with proficiency in process reconfiguration, product development, and global manufacturing.

Weng Kin Chen

President of Product Development

Weng’s experience spans from fitness to military-grade product development. Totaling 22 years in the industry, he can ensure products are ready for market before they are even manufactured. In 2008 he founded Jenkins Asia in Shanghai, a product development company specializing in fitness and tech.

Diego Klaus

President of Global Sourcing

A Brazilian native, Diego Klaus entered the global Sourcing realm in 2002. He dove straight in, developing a keen understanding of exceptional product quality and how to achieve it. Amidst the three ISO audit certifications under his belt (9001, 14001 and 19011), he also managed to learn Mandarin, Spanish, and English. Diego's inside understanding of sourcing products in Asia and Latin America led him to influence sourcing initiatives for some world's largest brands, including Nike and Reebok.

Kitty Klaus

Manager of Global Sourcing

Kitty started her career at Pou Cheng Group at their Dongguan factory (Yue Yuen). Working her way up from a shipment coordinator to a team leader for customer communications. This leadership role introduced her to high-level clients including Adidas and Saucony. As her skills sharpened within the international trading market, she facilitated the sale of leathers to Michael Kors, Kate Spade and Donald J. Pliner. With over six years of experience under her belt, she transitioned into her role with BISCS as our Manager of Global Sourcing.

Lola Li

GM Product Development & Engineering

Lola Li began her career in product development in 2000. She quickly ascended the ranks to become a General Manager because of her insightful decision making and people organization skills. Lola manages a team of over 30 engineers and product developers dedicated to making sure clients’ products are produced and procured in a timely fashion.

Our clients span across multiple industries and sizes, each with a supply chain that is unique to their precise needs.