What are the benefits of an "all-in-one, transparent supply chain solution?"

There are many companies to choose from that can provide sourcing, product development, or logistics solutions. But none of these companies are able to provide true supply chain visibility. Our expertise in all those areas allows us look at the true costs of getting your products to your client's door. By having a detailed understanding of each aspect (sourcing, product development, and logistics), we are able to identify and remove inefficiencies within each category to achieve overall savings of up to 25% while improving product delivery lead times.

Why use a global sourcing firm?

If you are based in Europe or North America, sourcing materials and finished product from Asia and Latin America can provide savings of up to 50% compared to domestic purchasing. Our expertise in Asia and Latin American spans over 20 years. For example in China there are many excellent factories; however, dealing with Chinese factories requires a lot of experience in terms of effective communications (in Chinese), product quality control process (material requirements, processing technologies, mid-production and end product quality testing), shipping, and export management. Without having a team on the ground in China, many companies eventually expose themselves to financial loses and quality control mishaps due to missed cultural nuances and ineffective manufacturing control procedures. The same methods to working with China can be applied to any foreign company.

Do I pay more working with you than going straight to factories?

Not at all. You will always end up saving money by working with us. Our proven track record achieves anywhere from 10% to 25% in overall savings for your sourcing, production and logistics costs. For example, when sourcing for a product, our teams will research and get quotes from 10 to 20 factories in order to accomplish your desired specifications and pricing. In terms of product development and engineering, our Shanghai team has experience with a huge array of industries and products, enabling us to minimize the trial and error process and get you to your objectives much quicker and with less expenses. Many members of our team also have a western education, giving us an edge in the creative and critical processes compared with more localized factory staff members. We are also a full service global freight forwarder which gives us and our client's access to transparent, wholesale transportation costs. Overall, working with us encourages factories to become more competitive and we help them implement better manufacturing protocols and quality assurances.

How is quality controlled?

We will have dedicated QA teams visit the factories throughout the production process.. This team will also manage specifications for sample runs and ensure first run batches are perfected prior to mass production. For all orders, only 30% down payments are required (for materials purchasing) and the remaining 70% balance is only due after the product has been completed to 100% satisfaction.

What is BISCS's role if the parts are not of sufficient quality?

We'll manage any and all required issue resolutions, root-cause-analysis, and be on top of the factories as they redo the parts or finished product if required. We are also extremely savvy in negotiating with factory contingency plans and having them cover costs should there be delays on their part. For example, as part of our PO contracts, production delays caused by factory errors will result in the factory covering air freight costs.

Can I come by for a visit?

Absolutely! We love having you on site, being part of product development process, and seeing the support we provide to the factories for your benefit. We can assist with translations and advising, scheduling factory meetings/visits, and transportation between your hotel and your supplier.

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