All-in-one, transparent supply chain solutions.

In essence, a supply chain is all the steps a company takes prior to getting a product into the hands of a distributor/customer. What we’ve done is consolidate all of these steps under one management system and given our clients peace of mind regarding their products. After securing connections in China, we expanded our reach to South America and Europe, connecting all parties in mutually beneficial, robust partnerships.

Global Sourcing

By extending your business’ operation to all corners of the globe, opportunity for savings and growth increases. Our team will coordinate with foreign and domestic suppliers to find the best vendor for your business. It is our goal to cut product costs, empower you with quality material, and refine the first step in your supply chain. 

  • Factory shortlisting, audits, verification, and certification
  • Contract and pricing negotiation (Multilingual Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, and English)
  • Sub-supplier sourcing, for higher quality components and for stocking on-hand inventory

Diego Klaus

President of Global Sourcing

Kitty Klaus

Manager of Global Sourcing

Steve Tulk

President of Product Development and Engineering

Tanya Tulk

Manager of Product Development and Engineering

Product Development and Engineering

Bring your ideas to life. Our development team will guide you through ideation, prototyping, and testing until your product is market ready. This includes being on site during manufacturing for quality assurance and control. We will ensure your standards are met and that every component works.

  • 2D and 3D mechanical design
  • Electronic hardware and software development
  • Prototype and sample testing
  • Full product/system development
  • Factory audits
  • On site quality control and inspection

Global Freight Forwarding

The final leg of your supply chain can be daunting, we are here to make it simple. Whether you are transporting consumer/industrial goods, hazardous material, or perishables; our team can move your cargo in an expedited or economic fashion and oversee global customs clearance.

  • All modes of domestic and international transportation
  • Worldwide door to door shipping for freight and packages
  • 3PL services for direct to consumer shipping from China to the USA
  • Advanced quoting technology
  • San Diego ExFreight Station Agent

Kevin Choo